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May 5th, 2017

Friday, May 5th, 2017 11:07 am
The last few months I've been living between three different jobs, filling my days with tutoring in Oxford, working in a box office in London and keeping the cricket club bar running in Irthlingborough.

For the first time since I was an undergraduate I'm back doing an OULES show. It's a wonderful feeling being involved in a show again, tempered only by the fact I'm not quite able to be as social as I once was living full-time in Oxford.

In complete contravention of all the quality of life research I know, I'm commuting all over, mostly by car. Travelling between the multiple jobs I'm keeping up with has me driving to the outskirts of whichever place I'm currently working, and cycling between work and wherever I'm staying, living out of a suitcase for large portions of the week.

I spend a lot of time biking in and out of central London on the Grand Union canal, which has revived my dream of someday living aboard a boat and traveling the country. It's tempting, and I might have the opportunity to buy a very cheap project boat in the next year or so, but I'm wary - I've heard too many stories about holes in the water that just swallow money, and cause stress.