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September 24th, 2007

Monday, September 24th, 2007 11:07 pm
And, in further news to my not being dead, I've had a pretty good day in the lab, figuring out that an HSQC spectrum can't be phased to be all-positive, but that it's alright because the negative peaks just indicate CH2 groups rather than CH or CH3.

It does grate on me sometimes how the more abtruse areas of computing and biochemistry have a way of pulling me in with difficult problems. I swear them off every now and then, until one catches me, and I keep scratching away at it until something gives and I've solved it, and then the rush is fantastic. I suppose I could try not to care, and realise that if I don't figure it out it it really doesn't matter, but it's like a minor addiction.

Oxford does seem to be a bit quiet at the moment, so I've taken to wandering about town during my lunch hour just looking at the city again. It's wearing a little thin now, though, and I'm looking forward to people being back properly and everything starting up again. Currently debating whether to chance a trip up to Brookes climbing wall tomorrow night, to see if anyone from OUMC is up there.

But first, I think, sleep. I've not seen the wrong side of 2am for well over a fortnight, and I think it just might be doing me some good.