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Thursday, September 24th, 2015 02:49 pm
It's good to be home. Florence and the Machine gig at the Ally Pally was amazing, and I think I probably even enjoyed it more than Kerry did. Danced, waved arms, and generally bounced around to my heart's content, then followed up with more dancing at the afterparty to Paul Simon and Fleetwood Mac. Dancing with and getting compliments from stangers on my dancing is not something I ever thought I'd do, but it seems that having fun makes you look like you know what you're doing :P

The last couple of days have mostly just been spent around Kerry's flat, which whilst it was a change of pace from the cycle of fixing-up Mum's house, has been a bit nervy without any real work to focus on.

I've had a succession of unexpected good fortune/lucky escapes recently. My bike lights and laptop escaped damage when I went over a pothole on Euston Road and they detached themselves from my bike. Mum's car doesn't need the £4500 of work she had thought it would, and is likely to be saleable in its current condition. I'm free to defer my thesis work until next year, and spend the time until then working and developing my skills independently. The unexpected insulation work that has given me a push to reorganise the house cabling, so I can get the home print and media servers running properly. Moving the garage around has uncovered materials so I can improve my bedroom shelving.

The only slight blot is the mixup over bar cover for the cricket club, which I need to work out with Robert before the next event. I am quite glad that the cricket season is ending, and I'll get some more of my weekends back soon - much as I enjoy spending afternoons at Windmill Road, it does limit my chances to spend time with people working 9-5 jobs.