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Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 01:08 am
The prospect of having cavity wall insulation done has meant some very quick reorganising of the garage and bedrooms, so that the contractors can reach every pay off the walls to drill holes. Thankfully all the areas which are inaccessible from outside are in need of redecoration inside, so they can drill through from inside to indicate the sections above the garages and conservatory. With the sliding of items away from walls has come a pretty comprehensive tidy of those items, so it's now looking much less cluttered, and I might soon have space to get a beer brewing for the first time since Dad.

Clearing out is very much a theme at the moment - I'm due to go over to Irchester to help Fiona once she's ready and back down south, and I tipped several very wet smelly sofas and chairs for Isla and Darren, although his haste in forcing them into my car has torn a bit of trim. Not a disaster, but it's another thing on the long list of car jobs, and looks like being difficult to glue. I am grateful to have had the car though, both for helping them, ferrying to and from Windmill Rd and for the fact that I was able to help Mum out when she broke down today on the way to work. Car dependency is a fact of life living here, but by doing multiple jobs in each run and offering it out to anybody else who needs lifts or freight I'm trying to reduce it, at least.


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